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Hónapja Life of Chuck Never ever use paper towel to check a transmission, that paper and lint will accumulate and cause pluggage Hónapja Rec Lee i'm confused. Hónapja Some vehicles Ford Expedition has a drain plug on torque converter.

Well done. Definitely subscribed. My is kicking just a little 30K miles bought it new. Only does it before the car warms up, then it shifts perfectly.

WTH could it be?? Hónapja cubey On old Ford C6 transmissions, you can drain the torque converter. It's difficult to get it rotated so that you can access the drain bolt, but it's doable.

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I did a fluid change on my E with the original C6 transmission in mid It had been serviced at avenger deep 6 pro zsírégető once before, because the fluid was still pretty well red and it had the 4WD filter in it.

But anyway I did the TC drain too. It hasn't hurt the old transmission any thankfully. I put on an aftermarket pan with a drain bolt so Fogyhat a diazepam can easily do future pan drain and partial fluid replacements as easily as a motor oil change. I replaced the filter with a new RWD one while I had the pan off too.

It's on a motorhome with a 6. It has the factory trans cooler, so that helps.

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Any suggestions if I should change or flush the system considering? A note that might be useful - The transmission can be "clunky" sounding and the van shakes shifting through gears, it's the worst when it's colder and when shifting to reverse.

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Your advice would be very helpful! And I'd like to thank you for all your videos. I have been learning so much!! Back to front feed could clog the oil pump feed passages in the forward pump.

With rans fluid that's burnt, it's always best to rebuild the unit, otherwise and you could have bigger problems than when you started. Hónapja Ramiro Ricaurte yo tengo una f 4x4 y la transmisión estaba mal al cambiar el aceite encontré partes de discos tapando el filtro por ello no entraban los cambios, mejor mucho al cambiar aceite ya son km de ello y aun funciona no muy bien pero aun se puede manejar Hónapja if its dark brown but doesnt smell burtnt?

Hónapja Ricardo Rodriguez Todos los aceites caducan y pierden sus propiedades de lubricación, incluso los nuevos en el almacén.

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Entonces de ahí la importancia de cambiar el aceite. Muy buen video avenger deep 6 pro zsírégető.

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Hónapja Duke Elinton I'm glad I watched this video. I been waiting to change it.

Let me know what happens! Thank you!

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Totally different ball game. I found we don't have a transmission stick, it's sealed in as similar to your video.

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Things like this I had no idea. Thanks a lot!

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