roma & sinti integrative cultural project

The project focuses on audiovisual education, media training, active participation and EU-wide networking of Roma & Sinti communities. "Nothing about us without us" is the slogan of the Roma people in Europe. The main goal of our project is to contribute to the closing of the gap between Roma people and the majority population by promoting tolerance and understanding of one another.

Vide_o_drom takes place simultaneously in four European countries: Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Our activities started in September 2008 with a meeting of all partners and will take place over a total time of 9 months. In June 2009 the outcome of the activities (video productions, film presentations, discussions, exchange, networking) are presented to the public in a 3-day festival.

Film productions

In 4 workshops and video production groups young Roma & Sinti are educated and trained in the basic knowledge of video production and film conception.

The training comprises video technology, camera use, editing and organisation skills as well as interview techniques, storytelling, directing and film dramaturgy.

The videos produced shall have strong social and cultural components, telling personal stories and/or history experienced in a personal context.

„Stories in motion“

The workshop videos are presented and discussed in public, together with other inspiring stories by and about Roma & Sinti in local presentations in the respective countries. Along with the presentation of the videos an intercultural dialogue between Roma and “gadje” (Non-Roma) is offered through discussions, talks, etc. with Roma experts, filmmakers, historians, etc.

Presentations in Hungary:

17-22 May 2009 Pécs, Király utca 15. Hattyúház Gallery – in the framework of the Temporary City programme, daily from 14 to 21 h

24 May 2009 10:00 Budapest, Bem cinema, II. Central European Short Documentary and Report Films Festival about the Romany

Festival (9-13 June 2009, Salzburg/Austria)

Final meeting & presentation of the project. Roma & Sinti Filmfestival.

At the end of the “Vide_o_drom” – tour the outcome of the whole project is presented in a 4 – day festival in Salzburg, the hometown of the initiative organisation Studio West.

At this public event the partners from all 4 partner countries are present and talk about the cooperation and their experience with “Vod”. Further other documentary films on, with or from Roma & Sinti are presented at the filmfestival.